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Welcome to our Support Center!
Posted by Paul Hass on 12 November 2014 01:10 PM


Welcome to Microhard System's Support Center. Here you will be able to submit tickets for technical support issues or questions, find Knowledgebase Articles and Downloads for your products, and view the latest news on new products, services and software/firmware related upgrades. 

User Registration / Existing Users

Users of the old support site will need to register for the new support site. We have decided that in order to provide the best customer experience, a clean database was the best solution. Also the old user permissions could not be carried over, so this really was our only option. We hope that it doesn't cause too much inconvenience and our customers can quickly register and log in as they did before. We do get notifications when new users register so we can react quickly to get you access to the categories that you need. 

Once you register, validate and log in, you may notice that you still can't see any of the download categories. Please be patient as we need to add you to the categories requested during product registration. 



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